SEC(R) 2005 will act as an international forum for in-depth and substantive discussion on the emerging technologies and methodologies being developed to overcome the challenges that exist in different areas of software engineering. The conference will offer an exciting program of events, including keynote talks by leaders in the field, invited presentations along specialized themes, workshops, round table discussions and presentations of technical papers on software research, the cutting edge of practice, and new developments in software engineering.


For the software professionals workshop is a perfect opportunity to acquire practical knowledge and skills from the world leaders of Software Engineering discipline. Conference workshops themes will reflect the current state of the art in Software Engineering, be proposed by gurus, ranging from requirements management, system architectures, human aspects, quality assurance, to process improvement.

Michael Cusumano: "Software Entrepreneurship: Products vs. Services Business Models and Key Success Factors."

Larry Constantine: "Usage-Centered Software Engineering."

Ivar Jacobson: "A Unifying Foundation for Today s Software Development Best Practices."

Mark Paulk
"Mature Software Project Management"

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